Immigration Law Solutions

For many, the goal of your investment objective is to create a path to citizenship in the United States. Contrary to public perception, there are a number of legal ways to obtain a visa through real estate and business investments.

Besides the tremendous revenue-generating opportunities that investment property ownership can provide, the US Government has created solutions that reward international investors with legal residency such as the EB-5 immigrant investor program.

As part of the consortium of companies working together, RS Realty Group has a strategic relationship with a leading immigration law firm that specializes in navigating the investor path to citizenship.

Our Partnership with Law Offices

Imigration Law Offices we partner with are business and immigration law firms offering solutions to investors, corporations, and professionals. Attorneys we partner with bring a wealth of experience in all facets of immigration law.  They have helped thousands of clients achieve their goals.

The firms have offices in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, which work closely with the RS Reality Group staff.

Practice Areas of Expertise

  • Immigration and Nationality Law
  • Business Immigration
  • Contract Law
  • Corporate Law

Language Solutions

All legal issues can be complicated, but language does not have to be one of the barriers.

Our Parter Law Offices provides translation services in Armenian, French, German, Russian, and Spanish, as well as a large dedicated Chinese speaking staff.

EB-5 Program and EB-5 Visa Information

For information on the EB-5 Program, please click on the link below.

General Information on EB-5 Program