Asset Management

Personal and professional investment management at RS Realty Group is focused on real estate holdings and is based on diversity. Rather than just pour through residential and commercial listings aimlessly, we conduct extensive research, draw feedback from our financial partners and monitor trends in growth, economics and government policy changes to find "Hot Spots."

Like traditional stock investments, real estate offers the same diverse opportunities. Short term higher risk/high reward investments, institutional long-term investments with consistent revenue streams and personal property holdings that offer a stable growth path over time are just some of the options that can be integrated into your overall investment strategy.

During our first meeting, we determine your objectives and build a list of investment options that meet these goals. The unique consortium surrounding RS Realty Group offers you access to "Experts" to talk about everything from immigration, student visas, and the security of the US banking institutions along with state and federal government sponsored investment programs.

With the concentration on California and Nevada, we have extensive relationships with local and state government agency representatives, executive level banking advisors, law firms specializing in international business development and real estate holdings and immigration advisors to help navigate the residency policies.

Our team can help you assemble a diverse portfolio of everything from single residential properties to multi-tenant dwellings and actual business ownership.

Tracking Your Investments Online

RS Realty Group has developed a unique way for international investors to monitor all aspects of their investment portfolio through a secured web-enabled portal. The password protected website allows only you to access copies of all documents, maintenance records and proposals related to your properties.

A full appointment calendar, task and message section allows the RS Realty team to keep you informed on everything from normal maintenance to proposals for tenant improvements and revenue analysis. There are sections within the portal for the private posting of new investment opportunities and even local trends in growth and surrounding property values.

When you become a RS Realty Group investor, you will be able to access your information from any internet-enabled computer terminal, safely and securely and all of your important documents will be at your fingertips.